Before moving abroad, thorough research about the new country could help in planning a comfortable settlement. Though when in Colombia, mesmerizing forests and beaches along with the tropical climate could be enchanting than the States. However, the road could be different for an ex-pat. Here is everything ex-pats need to know about Colombia.

Learn the art of a sincere smile and hold the grip of the language.

When relocating, the company of warm and welcoming people is hard to find. But not in Colombia! Here, people are friendly, especially when you know their language, that is, Spanish. Holding the grip of the language spoken by the majority along with learning the art of a sincere smile will help you to explore the streets of the beautiful country.

Which city would be the best for settlement in Colombia?

The climate of Colombia may vary from city to city as the country is located near the equator. Perhaps, when planning to settle in Colombia, it is suggested to research about your climate variations, schools, rental homes, job opportunities, etc.

Though the preferable cities to relocate to Colombia are Pereria, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Santa Marta, and Bogota.

When choosing the best city for your relocation plans in Colombia, get connected to our settling-in services. You may or may not be fortunate to get access to the basic amenities in Colombia.

Colombia is relatively cheap than other countries in the States, yet most of the cities in Colombia don’t offer affordable pricing in pharmacies, grocery, and rental homes.

The shopping of these customary items like toiletries, cosmetics, groceries, pharmacies, etc. are easily available but are highly costly in the country. Therefore, it would be suggested to carry your everyday items rather purchasing the expensive ones.

However, in the case of renting your home, the scenarios would be different for ex-pat families and single ex-pats.

Sharing apartments are a common thing to do here. But when a single ex-pat decides to search apartments in Colombian cities, the common thing shared by most landlords would be worries over paycheques. That is why they prefer to rent the home only to those ex-pats who have an acquaintance in the city. So that in case of delays, the friend can pay the cheque on their behalf.

Secondly, for ex-pat families, the apartments could be a little pricier than the other US countries. The prices of the furniture or home d├ęcor could be a little higher than you thought. Perhaps, when relocating with family, carry your goods along with you with the help of relocation service providers.

Banking options may not be easily accessible in Colombia.

While moving abroad, anyone would prefer to close their bank accounts in the home country. Though when in Colombia, carrying your credit and debit card would be an advisable thing to do, as there won’t be an option for instant bank openings. Along with this, do not forget notifying your bank accounts located in the home country and the host country about your move.

Learning Salsa may help you to assimilate with the culture!

As Salsa is a celebrated dance form in Latin American countries, it becomes a way to know new people and to know more about culture. So, rather than worrying about the cultural shock, you may try a dance form that celebrates life!

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